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February 22, 2015



WXW Wrestling proudly presented Redline last night at the Minneola Recreation Center. Eight exciting matches took place where fans witnessed a new Television champion, new #1 Tag Team contenders, a blooded Hardcore champion, and the exit of a WXW icon.

Mikey, four weeks removed from his upset victory over Alexander Page for the TV Title, came up short the second time around, succumbing to Page, who immediately introduced his new manager: a returning Bryan Richards.

The Sons of the Atlantic (the team of “Warpig” Jody Kristofferson and “The Guvnor” Martin Stone) truly made Sweet Rhythm earn every bit of their victory for the #1 Tag Team Contendership. While SOA came up short, they certainly opened a lot of eyes in WXW and have shown up as a force to be reckoned with.

Hardcore Champ Sean Maluta could not even get his match officially started against “The Prophet” Alex G due to the interference from the rest of the Prophesy and their intimidating enforcer, The Beast. A vicious attack by the Beast left Sean bloodied and unable to leave the building under his own power, requiring 8 stitches later that night at a local hospital.

And in what turned out to be an even bigger shock, WXW Superstar Nick Nero has been terminated from WXW indefinitely after being defeated in a “Loser Leaves WXW” match against ERA. “Your Girlfriend’s Favorite Wrestler” managed to turn Nero’s own follower, Rocky, against him, costing Nero the match. Fans of all ages were heartbroken and in tears as Nero left the ring to a resounding “THANK YOU, NERO” chant. Nick Nero, a WXW Grand Slam champion and the first ever Xtreme War winner, was left speechless and shocked (as was many of the WXW faithful in the audience). ERA was happy to “have Nero gone and to have ended an era at the hands of ERA.”

WXW continues its 2015 tour in Leesburg, Florida at the Leesburg Recreational Center on March 7th. Doors open at 6 PM, bell time at 6:30. For more information and tickets, please visit wxwwrestling.com

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