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Wildman Rojas rushed by helicopter to hospital after match against Sean Maluta in Leesburg

December 20, 2015: 

Last night in Leesburg, during the match between Sean Maluta and Wildman Rojas, Rojas was badly injured, unable to finish the match or even move. He was overheard saying that he couldn't feel his legs. WWE Hall of Famer Afa the Wild Samoan demanded that the rest of the night's matches were canceled, an ambulance was immediately called, and all of the WXW staff gathered together and prayed, crying, as the ambulance arrived. His opponent, Sean Maluta, stayed with him every step of the way. Vale Anoa'i and Usos Foundation Scholarship recipient Bianca Jeunette took Rojas's young daughter to the Anoa'i household. Rojas was flown by helicopter to a leading trauma center hospital, where most of the WXW Wrestling staff and talent met him there. Afa and his wife Lynn were the only ones allowed in the hospital room, but Sean Maluta came in as well and they stayed at the hospital until well after midnight. Rojas began to regain feeling in his legs little by little, and will be released from the hospital once he is able to walk. Afa and Lynn Anoa'i will be returning to the hospital this morning to check on him. Thank you all for your concern and prayers, Wildman Rojas is expected to make a full recovery. 

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