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TWO shocking Champion Changes at WXW's AFTERSHOCK

On June 11th, WXW Wrestling's AFTERSHOCK certainly lived up to its name! In a mind-blowingly shocking turn of events, Sean Maluta was brutally attacked by Deathrow Jethro after Bryan Richards baited him. Frankie Burbank raced out and pinned the TV Champion, taking advantage of the melee, and becoming the brand new WXW Television Champion! In a rematch for the Cruiserweight title, new champion ERA was dethroned by former champion Outcast Jorel Ganzy, who is once again a double champion, as he also holds the Hardcore Title. In a disastrous Tag Team Title Match, The banned Modern Day Savages brutalized both the New Breed and Fun Size, demanding a match against Tha NuYoricanz. Halfway through the match, Fun Size AND the New Breed ran back out to compete. Amazingly, Fun Size won, but Commissioner Sugaa decided to hold up the titles due to the chaos of what went on. Sugaa stated that a statmenet would be appearing soon on WXW's official site explaining what the plan is for the future of the Tag Team Titles! 

July 16th promises to be a VERY exciting night! 

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