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Press Release from Jaxen Blade: "Defeating Hans Schulz will be Picture Perfect"


Jaxen Blade: “Defeating Hans Schulz will be Picture Perfect”

Minneola, Florida – Jaxen Blade, after finding out that he would be facing Hans Schulz for the WXW cruiserweight championship, made sure that Hans knew the battle before him.

“You will get your match, but on my terms,” the champ lectured while Hans continues to celebrate in the ring.

Hans Schulz will get his title shot on October 18, in Minneola, coming off the heels of the WXW 6th Anniversary celebration.

When asked what he had in store for Hans when he got his hands on him, Mr. Blade stated, “. I can already give you a spoiler, at the end, I'll be walking out with my championship belt in my hands, and you'll be lying down by my boots wondering what hit you. THAT...will be Picture Perfect. And CUT. “

“The A-Lister” Jaxen Blade is the current WXW Cruiserweight Champion as well as an up and coming entertainment mogul, working in film, television, and print media.

“The A-Lister” Jaxen Blade is represented by Rubright Publicists, LLC.

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