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WXW Wrestling Dates for 2023 Added!

All twelve dates for WXW Wrestling's live events in 2023 have been added to our Events and Tickets pages! Tickets now available all the way through December of 2023! Don't miss a minute of the LIVE, exciting WXW action! 


WXW Champions

The Current List of WXW Wrestling Champions as of June 2022: 

WXW Champion: Vertigo "The Cure" Rivera

WXW Cruiserweight Champion: Frankie Burbank

WXW Women's Champion: Jacey Love

WXW Tag Team Champions: La Sangre

WXW TV Champion: The Notorious VIN- Vinny Mac


Congratulations to the newest WXW Hall of Famers in the Class of 2022

June 4, 2022: The WXW Hall of Fame returned in a BIG way, and the inductees were honored in person in front of a live WXW audience in Minneola, Florida! The Class of 2022 consisted of Tommy LaBarge, Monteasy, Mark Bevis, D Ramos, Chico Adams, Big Bad Eddie V, Low Ki, Sean Maluta, Lotto Money, Puerto Rican Hound Dogg, and Marc Mandrake. As WWE Hall of Famer Afa the Wild Samoan, King Haku, and Ricky Santana, along with the WXW fans, watched, each of these inductees gave heartfelt speeches. To watch the full induction ceremony, go to WXW's Facebook page and watch the Facebook Live video feed! 

Congratulations to all the 2022 WXW Hall of Famers! 


WXW Wrestling Presents STAR SLAM Saturday, July 10th

July 10th promises to be QUITE an exciting event! Just a few of the matches lined up: The Cuban Heist of the Century Romeo Quevedo -vs- X-Treme War 2021 Winner GQ Tony Ice! The Notorious VIN Vinny Mac -vs- Vertigo "The Cure" RIvera in a SUBMISSION MATCH! The return of Nate Fury, who is teaming up with Ace Radic in the hopes of making it to the Wild Samoan Tag Team Tournament in November. SHARP DRESSED MAN Match with some VERY interesting stipulations! WXW Champion Chico Adams takes on The Diamond Kid Sean Scott! All this and MUCH more, Saturday, July 10th at STAR SLAM! Get your tickets NOW 

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