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Rich Wise becomes NEW WXW Cruiserweight Champion

Minneola, FL - In a sudden change to a scheduled match at Winter Warfare, Rich Wise defeated former WXW Cruiserweight Champion the "Outcast" Jorel Ganzy to become the NEW WXW Cruiserweight Champion.

Wise was about to compete with Ganzy. when Head of Talent Relations Ricky Santana made the contest for the Vacant WXW Crusierweight Championship.

Recently decrying the lack of competetion presented to him, Ganzy had discarded the title. In turn Santana had stripped him of the Championship, vacating it until Winter Warfare 2020

Dan interviews Rich Wise and Jorel Ganzy


Sofia Castillo defeats Marina Tucker; is NEW WXW Wrestling Women's Champion

Minneola, FL - At Winter Warfare 2020 former champion Sofia Castillo defeated Marina Tucker to regain the WXW Women's Championship.

December 21st 2019, Winter Warfare, Marina Tucker defeated both Anna Diaz and then WXW Women's Champion Sofia Castillo to become the new Women's Champion. Tucker would go on to defeat Castillo in ther scheduled rematch, as well as the likes of former Champions Dynamite Didi, Raeven and Rocky Radley in 2020.

Castillo won a 16 woman WXW Divas Battle Super Brawl at WXW Wild Samoan Tag Team Tournament to become to new #1 Contender.

Daniel Max Shaw interviews Sofia Castillo and Marina Tucker about WXW Women's Championship


Ricky Santana to be Special Referee January 9th in WXW Championship match

After the Main Event of WXW Wrestling Winter Warfare 2020, a furious Vinny Mac got in the face of WXW Head of Talent Relations Ricky Santana.

Vinny Mac argued that fixed officiating cost him the match.

Ricky Santana has chosen to make himself the Special Guest Referee, in a WXW Championship match between Vinny Mac and WXW Champion, Chico Adams in Minneola Saturday, January 9th atWXW Wrestling Born Wild!


NEW #1 Contenders to the WXW Women's and Tag Team Champions!

In the fallout of the Wild Samoan Tag Team Tournament, there are new number one contenders to both the WXW Tag Team and Women's Championships!

After 3 rounds of brutal competition in one night, Vertigo "The Cure" Rivera and Lee Aguirre won the 2020 Wild Samoan Cup and are poised to challenge the WXW Tag Team Champion, Controversial Inc.

The first ever WXW Divas Super Brawl saw nearly a dozen competitors battle. The winner, former WXW Women's Champion Sofia Castillo is now set to face an opponent she has been to war with, WXW Women's Champion Marina Tucker!

Get your tickets to WXW Wrestling Presents Winter Warfare now and be at the Minneola City Hall Saturday night, December 19th!

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