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 WWE Hall of Famer reaches out to at risk youth.  


Usos-The Samoan Family Foundation, Inc. was founded by professional wrestler and 2007 WWE Hall of Famer Afa "The Wild Samoan" Anoa`i and his wife Lynn. Their vision is to offer a safe and secure environment for young men and women, to channel their energies and keep them off the streets and away from the negativity. Mr. and Mrs. Anoa`i are residents of Lake County who care deeply for the community and especially for our youth who are our leaders of tomorrow.


The Anoa`is believe that after-school programs are a necessity because it is usually after school that

at risk youth are either getting into trouble or heading there fast. If we don't find things for the kids to do, they will find their own things to do and their choices are not always positive ones.

Teens need fun, productive hobbies geared for their age to not only keep their interests but to give them something to work for. With this vision in mind, the Anoa`is opened the doors of their wrestling school.


There is no doubt that wrestling is an attraction for the youth making this unique sport the draw that attracts them to Usos Foundation. Students in Usos have an advantage. In addition to learning "top of the line" skills in the sport of wrestling and self defense, the school will provide the youth with various traits and skills in other areas which include: self-esteem, the mind-body-spirit connection, public relations, experience in filming, photography, editing, journalism, script writing, sales, marketing, and other entrepreneurial skills. All of which are skills that can be used in the business world, since many of these kids will not have the option of attending college.


It is no secret how popular wrestling is today, and with Afa's influence and 40 years experience as a professional wrestler, Usos foundation utilizes the drawing power of pro wrestling as a tool to guide young people in making life decisions between right and wrong, as well as learning many skills and traits that can be used to secure a brighter future.


People tend to look at the wrestling business only for wrestling, but it can open doors to explore many other areas. Some pro wrestlers have gone on to become Hollywood actors, high school principals, chiropractors, contract negotiators for major corporations, politicians, car dealers and other productive careers.  


Afa Anoa`i - "I have met many troubled teens with passions and dreams of becoming a pro wrestler. But, not everyone can afford tuition. It is with these tough situations where I feel obligated to give these youths hope. Therefore, I open my doors to allow them to sit in and watch my classes instead of them being out in the streets. I have changed many lives that were heading in the wrong direction and I strongly believe that using the drawing power of pro wrestling is the goal to redirecting one's life."


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 Usos Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 organization that relies on donations to fund our programs.