***IMPORTANT: September 9th Event moved to September 30th due to Hurricane Irma

Attention all #WXWWrestling fans: our CEO Afa the Wild Samoan's main concern is the safety of our fans, the WXW wrestlers, and their families. Due to Hurricane Irma's potential impact, we are canceling the event scheduled for this Saturday, and rescheduling the 21-Year-Anniversary show for Saturday, September 30th. VIP tickets purchased online for the event will still be honored on September 30th. If you've already purchased VIP tickets and are unable to make this rescheduled event, email for a refund of your pre-purchased VIP ticket. Stay safe, everyone, we'll see you all back in Minneola for the rescheduled 21-Year Anniversary Show- September 30th!


Special VIP Ticket Package Available for September 30th WXW Anniversary Show!

Saturday, September 30th, WXW celebrates 21 years of action, and 9 years in Florida! As a special treat, a VIP package will be offered, for ONLINE ORDERS ONLY! For only $25 per ticket, VIP fans will be treated to early entry, a meet & greet with the wrestlers, AND a special dark match that the general public won't see! Order your VIP tickets for the Anniversary Show NOW!


Congratulations to the NEW WXW Champion!

This Year's X-Treme War was different from all the years past. One man persevered, overcoming impossible odds, and became the NEW WXW Champion! Congratulations to D Ramos! Things have gotten even crazier in WXW, as Ramos is part of Sugaa's new Team X-Treme. We'll see what happens at PURE CHAOS! 


REDLINE- Definitely Crossing the Line!

Last night at WXW Wrestling's REDLINE, things reached a fever pitch in WXW! 

Frankie Burbank took on Nate Fury, and Brian Rubright enlisted the help of the artist formerly known as Nathan Vain, LUCIFER NATAS! Next month, there will be a two on one match, Nate Fury vs Lucifer Natas AND Frankie Burbank! 

We have a new Cruiserweight Champion, Ace Radic! Outcast Jorel Ganzy demands justice! 

Sam Houston defeated Gariston Spears, but D Ramos wants a piece of Houston, and the THREE of them will face off against each other next month at BACKFIRE! 

Wildman Rojas went ballistic and attacked everyone in his path (including referees) when Devin Abrams got too close to the Wildman's daughter! Rematch next month at BACKFIRE!

Dynamite Didi vs Mercedes Martinez ended in a countout when the two got vicious on each other outside the ring. Rematch next month at BACKFIRE! 

British Wolf challenged the monstrous Deathrow Jethro, and WON! 

In the greatest highlight of the evening, Sugaa, wearing a dress, faced off against The Sister Jaime D. The Sister brutalized Sugaa, and the fans went home VERY happy! 

Join us next month for BACKFIRE! Saturday, March 18th! 


BORN WILD- A truly WILD night!

Last night at WXW's BORN WILD, the surprises just kept on coming! Starting off the night was a heartfelt, respectful 10-bell salute tribute to WXW and WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. Soon after, WXW Heavyweight Champion Sean Maluta came out to abdicate his championship! He said his schedule is becoming too busy to truly dedicate the time to defend it. As of now, the WXW Heavyweight Title is vacant! We're sure that there will be many superstars sniffing around for an opportunity to grab it!

WXW has a new commissioner- Chance Gibson! The balance of power constantly shifts in WXW! 

British Wolf is still your WXW TV Champion, defeating Frankie Burbank 

The Greek God- Deimos- was demolished by Deathrow Jethro before he even got a chance to introduce himself and his manager Avery to the WXW fans! Deathrow did back away from Avery after she threw herself on her man to protect him. Is there another side of this insane monster that we haven't seen before? 

In what was supposed to be a match between Outcast Jorel Ganzy and Tony Ice (who couldn't compete due to injury), Gold Standard Kelly Iverson took Ice's place. Jorel Ganzy refused to wrestle him, saying he wasn't worthy. This statement brought out Gariston Spears, Prince, and ACE RADIC, who were all vying for a title match against Ganzy! New commissioner Gibson declared that there would be a 4-way cruiserweight championship match, and the winner would face Ganzy for the title February 18th. Ace Radic beat out the other 3 and will go for the gold at REDLINE! 

Lance "The Future" Anoa'i punished Jaxen Blade for his comments and attitude about the Samoan Dynasty! 

Once again, the punishment of Sugaa continues in hilarious ways, as he was forced to not only work the food concession again, but to wear an apron that says "Pop's Princess"! During intermission, he went to splash a particularly loud fan with water, but instead accidentally hit The Sister Jaime D full in the face with the water! She went into a rage, dragging him over the counter and brutally attacking him, which led to the creation of a match for February 18th- Sugaa (IN A DRESS!!!) -vs- The Sister Jaime D! 

Lance Anoa'i and special guest Sam Houston met with fans and signed autographs during intermission! 

Bad Intentions defeated the Modern Day Savages, thanks to blatant cheating by The Suicide Messiah Marc Mandrake. 

The main event: D Ramos vs Sean Maluta, ended in a double disqualification, and things got ugly afterward! 

It was an exciting night, and we can't WAIT for REDLINE February 18th! 

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